LA BERRAQUERA has the present website to contact you and fall in love with our products and services. The rules that define the provision of our service are mentioned below, please read them to know all the access conditions that you are accepting when generating purchases of the services and products offered.

We clarify that we reserve the right to update or change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice, due to the above, keep in mind that it is your responsibility being constantly informed. If you have any doubts, contact us.


All the content that you read on our website including, videos, images, commercial guidelines, logos, badges among others; are the intellectual property of LA BERRAQUERA. The content of our website is intended for personal, non-commercial use. If you decide to download, print or save partial or complete content from our website, you must ensure that its use is personal, without any commercial purpose and to avoid reproductions, modifications, copies, alterations or unauthorized uses, in any medium or under any method. As a registered trademark, all our advertising and trade names have brand protection and copyright.

The reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, making available to the public, transformation, assignment and any other act or mode of exploitation, in any format online or off line that has not been expressly authorized by the owner of the exploitation rights, they are expressly prohibited.


For us, as a customer you are very important, we are always thinking about your comfort and service, so you will always have online availability of all our products and services at attractive prices and some promotions for a limited time.

The communications of the specific promotions will be made in the section of services or products that correspond, specifying all the conditions of their use. The price list contained in this website may vary according to different portals where our products or services are offered nationwide, or different advertising strategies.


On our web site laberraquera.co, the specific characteristics of each of our products are defined, corresponding to colors, prices, materials, measures, delivery conditions, among others. The photos published or displayed on our website or other commercial sites show the closest possible reality. However, we clarify that there may be variations in color depending on the quality of the monitor where you are making your query, so we can not guarantee that the colors that appear on your monitor are true to the reality.

LA BERRAQUERA will maintain a constant communication with you until it is sure to complete the experience acquired or expected regarding products; said communication will be handled through different means such as electronic mail, text message, physical communications, among others.


The events offered on our website contain all the specifications of its development, such as contents, place, dates; among others and include associated costs. In case of promotions these will be specific in the corresponding sections.

LA BERRAQUERA will maintain constant communication with you until it is sure to complete the experience acquired or expected with respect to services; said communication will be handled through different means such as electronic mail, text message, physical communications, among others.


Las presentes condiciones aplican para transacciones desarrolladas directa y exclusivamente en la página www.laberraquera.co, or through direct purchase from our company. It does not apply to any other type of commercial media or platforms.

All claims must be sent by email to the pqr contact email presented on our page. In a maximum period of 24 hours you will have a response from our company to solve your problem.

In the case of claims for products in poor condition or damaged, the customer must send their claim with photos to PQR mail, no later than 24 hours after receipt of the product. If the customer does not make the claim in this period (24 hours), the company does not assume responsibility for the return.

In the event that a product or service acquired on the page appears with an incorrect price due to a typographical error or systems error, laberraquera.co will refund by a credit to your credit or debit card account the difference of the amount that corresponds.

In the case of cancellation of a product already paid, the cancellation is accepted as long as the company has not generated the dispatch; If the product was send the company does not assume responsibility for return. If the product was not dispatched, the refund of the money is made by credit card debit / credit, excluding a 25% tax and refund procedures.

In the case of cancellation of a service (regional day event, coffee tasting) and payment, the cancellation is accepted as long as:

  • a. The service contracted is not close to being carried out, that is, it must not exceed 48 hours before its execution. If you meet this condition, the refund of the amount is made on your credit / debit card, excluding 45% for taxes and refund procedures.
  • b. By internal administrative issues, the cancellation of the service is generated directly. If you meet this condition, the refund of the amount is made on your credit / debit card, for the entire amount paid. less banking transaction taxes (if applicable).

For changes in the original products or services purchased on the website, which do not correspond to refunds of money, you can communicate directly to our cell phone and express your request.


The terms and conditions apply if you access the site, are in the process of registration or have a purchase process. laberraquera.co may terminate the service at any time without prior authorization.


For any transaction, by accessing and using the laberraquera.co website, you agree that you are subject to the Terms and Conditions, and all applicable laws shall govern and be interpreted in accordance with Colombian laws.


Our website laberraquera.co does not accept under any condition offensive, threatening, harassing, obscene, illegal or abusive language of any director, employee or customer / external and internal visitor of the company. This applies to all available media including, chats, emails, among others.

Neither is it permissible under any fact or circumstance the impersonation or false identity of the internal and external personnel, customers and visitors that intervene in all the commercial offer processes in the company and are part of the transactional development of our website.


The services and products presented by LA BERRAQUERA, as part of our commercial strategy, can be found on other websites; however LA BERRAQUERA recognizes that it has no direct control over these websites, which may have different privacy practices and data collection independent of our.

Therefore, LA BERRAQUERA has no responsibility or liability for these policies or actions of third parties, and is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.


By entering our page you understand and accept fully and unconditionally the Terms and Conditions presented for the purchase of our products and services.